Vivienne Edgecombe

Founder of Inside-Out Change

Author of 28 Days of Resilience

My life has taken directions I had never envisaged, and continues to surprise me (mostly in a good way, I'm pleased to say). I have lived in four different countries, worked in many different sectors, and met lots of wonderful people, many of whom I am honoured to consider my friends. I now live in a ridiculously picturesque part of the French Pyrenees, and count my blessings every day.

I've also had a great ride from a work perspective, through an HR career of nearly 20 years in roles in generalist HR, Organisational Development, Learning & Development, coaching (business and personal) and consulting on various projects. I've seen the difference great leadership can make, and I've seen really great teams struggle through lack of direction and inspiration.

Through all of this, I've been fascinated with the human factor - what makes people tick? Why doesn't everyone see things the same way? How can that person see things so differently from me? If they’re suffering, how can I help them? Whose point of view is “right”?

Having been through successful and not-so-successful changes, and read all the literature, been on the courses, got the certifications, I had a pretty substantial toolbox of techniques and strategies, for business and personal change. All of the tools and techniques I had, however, never quite explained why one thing would work with one person or group, and not with another. I had to keep finding new ones to fill the gaps, until I came across an understanding in 2009 that explained it all, turned everything on its head, and made my work (and life in general) infinitely easier and much, much more fun. Now I have the best job, working independently and with trusted colleagues to point others in the same direction so they, too, can experience more ease, grace and fun in their work and personal lives.

My time is now spent working and playing mostly in France and the UK, with occasional trips back to the Antipodes to visit family and friends. When I’m not working, you’ll likely find me doing nature stuff with my husband and friends, tending the menagerie, or just gazing at the mountains, which seem to have me catching my breath every time I look up.